I have a one year old babe now.  She is precious, perfect, enjoyable, amazing, far from challenging.  I am a mother of two other babes who rock my world daily.  They love our interactions and encourage me to be the best.  Hilarity, cleverness, curiosity, happiness and health permeate.  And to me emotional intelligence is far more important than other "intelligences".  I fill their day with play centred learning, affection, good food, love.  

My vision for my children may not fit into the mainstream.  I want to homeschool with a nature-based unschooling approach.  I want them to be taught to navigate through this "real world" of commercialism, greed, technology, with an understanding but also with questions.  I want them to value the earth, our greatest gift and cherish all its gifts which we destroy each millisecond.  Mainly I want them to love.

These are all  simple desires.  For some, surprisingly those closest to me, these are absurd.  My decision to unschool by some is considered outlandish.  They site anti-social behaviour, have had the audacity to imply that my children are unintelligent and that their ways of mothering are better.  They seem to also imply that I am intentionally trying to harm my children.

Let me begin with the fact that I've heard it all before.  My babes are Vegan.  Okay...are you over it yet?  Well I am.  Everything I do, I approach from a place full of experience, education and research.  To ever imply that I would go out of my way and harm my kids implies that I am uneducated and basically a selfish monster.  So thanks for that.  Secondly,  if you don't know anything about veganism, research and then maybe ask me about it.  I'll be happy to inform you.  Because I am confident.
So back to the homeschooling thing: IT IS MY THING!  It is the one thing that I am passionate about. It is the one thing, next to veganism, that I have researched extensively and implement daily.  And for those of you who don't know, or know and choose to ignore,
Or still judge or whatever, I am educated.  I graduated top of my class. I am well read and for that which I lack I seek assistance.  I love learning.  

I am writing this post to basically get it off my chest because quite honestly it hurts when those closest to you, those who are supposed to support you in your passions don't.  It hurts even more so when those same people who you have supported unequivocally and have never talked smack about, don't afford you the same respect.  And quite frankly, I'm tired (physically and mentally...ask the papa how ill it has made me) of explaining our decision and having my confidence kicked in the butt.  So this is the last you will hear of my thoughts on homeschooling.  I'm going to carry on my confident way and love my babes.  

(Any grammatical errors I chalk up to the old I phone)


  1. Good for you! You do want you think is best for your babes, and follow your heart. xo

  2. I love this and can totally relate. We are unschoolers as well, following similar philosophies of nature-based and emotional intelligence (love how you word that btw). Some family members like to compare my daughter to my sister's children who are also homeschooled but very academically. They are reading and my daughter can't yet, therefor in their eyes I must be doing something wrong. And of course these comments are made in front of my kid half the time which is difficult. Anyway mama, don't back down from what you know to be best for *your* children. They will see your resilience and benefit from that in so many ways.

  3. We are also homeschooling (here in Ottawa), though with a very different approach. But i've also experienced incomprehension and negative comments/judgement about homeschooling, also from family members. It would be great to have the support of extended family, but I think that for a lot of them, homeschooling is something they had never heard of before and/or they associate it with something fringe/negative/antisocial. They are concerned for the children's well-being and in some ways I don't hold it against them, as I understand their concerns. It comes from their lack of information really, and watching us homeschool will be a learning process for them too. Good luck with your homeschooling, it sounds like you are passionate about it and about your children, and that's what matters most. Don't let anyone tell you what to do, as a mother you know what's best for your children. Have courage to stand out from the crowd and continue to do what is right.

  4. Anonymous5:50:00 PM

    Oh Mama! I haven't seen you in a while (it's me, the nutty mother of Sadie and Wyatt from Art Class..) Love. This. Post. We are loving homeschooling, too. Yep. Wyatt can't read. But he can make some mean inventions. And loves the world, his sister, climbing trees, organic food, sunshine, and rain. Keep following your heart. What an empty life it would be, to live for someone else's approval. That said, I struggle too, catching myself from time to time, worrying about the judgement of others. But you know my story. One ride with these precious babies. We hope for a long one, but who knows how long it will be. It is just too precious to not be true to your own heart. Sending you love


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