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With the impending arrival of the Littlest of Babes, it is hard not to get into the frame of mind where you think that you need everything new.  The perfection that I seek is not perfection at all.  It is the desire to fill the delusional belief that once we have "things" parts of life may seem better:  a house, a new car, a bed, wicker boxes to hold the Littlest Babes things.  The list has become endless, overwhelming and consumptive.

I recognize it is the desire of most nesting mothers of North American society to probably try to feed these WANTS. I am no exception.  But I don't want to be a symptom of myself or a consumptive society.  Lately I have been so upset with the amount of garbage and recycling we have been producing with regards to our food.  We generally eat really healthy.  We buy organic and local and bulk.  However, we also buy packaged items such as crackers, granola, yogurt, faux-meat items.  Also, due to the fact that it physically hurts to take the Babes too far and chase after them, we have been doing a lot of activities that cost money and waste.

We have officially decided on a farm-like life future with sustainability a focus.  We dream of raising chickens and rabbits, having a organic garden and place for the Babes to roam free and explore and imagine.  Celebration of:  Family, Love, The Earth and Life.

First stage of the Process:

Reduce.  Energy consumption, amount purchased, amount consumed, garbage.

*  we hang all our clothes but we could have less clothes
*  eating macrobiotically in season would be great
*  purchasing food without packaging or bringing reusable containers to purchase bulk items
*  eating out less (we can make delicious coffee and tea)
*  online garage sale and Sally Anne drop off

There is a book I would like to purchase called The Homemade Pantry:  101 foods you can stop Buying and Start Making.  Great inspiration for the journey to the simple life.  For now we will try to make our own treats, hummus, snacks and bread.


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  1. I hear ya! In fact, I tried bringing reusable containers to Bulk Barn, but when I got to the cashier, she told me I wasn't allowed to do that. I asked her why and she said that if I couldn't purchase my items after all, they wouldn't be able to return the stuff to the bins for fear of cross-contamination. Pretty lame-ass excuse if you ask me. On the other hand, when I worked at the Herb and Spice, we encouraged ppl to bring in their jars and we were able to deduct the weight of them so that ppl weren't overpaying for being green!

  2. Oh my gosh... It's soooooo good! I borrowed it from the library and I'm going to buy it. Come to the library tomorrow morning and we'll make sure I give it back and you get it, okay?
    One thing I've been doing since Scarlett was born is making yogurt at home. The packaging was really bothering me since it was the only dairy Nevin would eat, so I committed to at least that... And I'm telling you, it is sooooo easy. You should do it!


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