34 Weeks Baby Bump Watch

I feel that I am so close to the end now and so excited!  Although I continue to nest this Mama has relaxed on that front a little.  Our little home is a buzz with me trying new recipes and catching up on some much needed reading relating specifically to nutrition and birthing.  Most days I am exasperated and I have had to get the Papa to help me put on my shoes (I usually keep them on if I go places just because I can't take them off and the thought of the struggle tires me out).

Earlier in the week we ventured to our amazing midwife to have a meeting.  I am measuring exactly with my gestation which only concerns me on the baby ready front because I have never been shown exactly!  Could this mean baby is getting ready to show themselves to the world sooner rather than later?  A close family friend of the Papa is overdue and frustrated.  She is definitely amazingly beautiful when pregnant...a real earth mama...but I am empathetic to her feelings of "get this babe out of me".  Trust me, once 36 weeks rolls around I will be trying many of these naturally inducing methods in this article.

One of my serious concerns has been the car seat situation.  This evening however, the Papa informed me that all car seats fit!  Relief.  No need to purchase a minivan although by the Littlest Babes's next birthday we will be in the market.  I dream of museum, art gallery and slam poet visits during the week.

xoxo  The Mama

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