36 and 1/2 Week (and closely counting) Baby Bump Watch

In about 4 days I can officially have a homebirth!  We are excited this last birthing time for this prospect but even if it doesn't happen we are excited regardless.  After a discussion with our midwife we have decided to not birth in our actual home but close to the hospital with which she has privileges.  If an emergency is to happen and transportation necessary it would be better for our birth experience and the babe to be close to the hospital that grants full privileges to our midwife, rather than one that would exclude her from helping me birth.  It creates a bit of a complication logistically speaking but we are well prepared.

This Mama is feeling great most of the time.  I've been having contractions and lower back pain but false labours are just part of being a third time pregnant mama.  Today I looked at a picture of me in the garden the day before my Eldest Babe was born and I am definitely bigger at 36 1/2 weeks than I was at 39.  It definitely is wearing and stretching me but soon this babe will arrive in all her perfection.

The babes have been role playing a lot, taking turns being Mama and Babe.  It is definitely amazing to watch.  The way in which they talk to each other is so flattering.  It is partly innate but they are modelling my mothering behavior of tenderness, gentleness and understanding.  They settle each other with gentle words and rub each other's heads.  The Littlest Babe I feel will have a difficult time.  She is already struggling with her conflicting views on being "little big" or "medium" as her sister likes to remind her.  She is quite forceful with me.  This is the same thing that happened around her birth from the Eldest Babe.  I just ride it out and continue to show I love them.

We ventured into the city to create little itty bitty piggies at a paint-your-own ceramic studio.  The Babes had a blast and also had the special treats of lollipops and vegan Chinese food (which I was hoping to induce labour).

Must now go and venture to view a movie feature in the park and chew on some ice.  Maybe next time we chat the Littlest Babes will have arrived!


The Mama


  1. sending you beautiful birthing vibes - you look FABoosh xoxoxo

  2. Thanks Love! Every time I see a fairy, gnome or treehouse I think of you and your amazingness


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