(UN)Kindness is the language which the deaf can here and the blind can see.
- Mark Twain

My loves...

This Mama has lived feeling for others always. The mistreatment of others, vulnerable others, weak others, misunderstood others, creates a stress in my chest that lingers and infuriates. To watch blatant hurt towards another angers me. How could one feel any good when they take so much power away from someone who lacks it?

Unkindness manifests in many ways:

It is in the slamming of the door on your way to opportunity
It is in the hateful words spread about another not in their presence
It is watching another human get hurt and turning away
It is the elbowing of a bike messenger fixing his bike on a sidewalk because one does not like "their kind"
It is in the judging of a person without ever having a conversation, delving deep into their thoughts that they keep hidden because of said judgment
It is in the closed mind, that rejects people of difference

It is the lack of love, compassion, empathy

As Mama always hopes, you will not encounter or disseminate unkindness...social, societal hate.


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