Some people have personally inquired about a typical day in the Mess. So here it is:


Papa wakes up and heads towards the kitchen to listen to the CBC and prepare his lunch and coffee for a day of work / school

The youngest Babe wakes up to these sounds and begins to help the Papa in his preparations

Mama slowly...slowly wakes up and takes over a bit before the eldest Babe awakes from slumber

Babe quietly heads to the livingroom, smiling, laughing, with open arms

We say our adieus to Papa and begin our day. Breakfast usually consists of a homemade granola infused with honey or maple syrup, sunflower seeds and dried fruit, soygurt, fruit and milk. Always topped off with a Flax Oil Liquid supplement (omega-3) and shot of iron to ensure the dietary needs of a vegan Babe are met each day.

After brekkie we change into our clothes for the day, quite a struggle, head to the bathroom to wash up and splash our faces with cold water.

While the Babes play, most often independently apart, the Mama folds laundry and then prepares a diaper bag including Sigg cups of water and a portable snack.

We begin with a nature walk. The time of the walk varies as does the location. We spend the time discussing nature, exploring and embracing our time with each other. The youngest Babe literally stops to smell the flowers on each walk.

After the walk we return to the town proper to visit the library, play in the park, read in our "magical" tree house, talk with neighbours, or a simple errand to the bakery as we desperately crave our Pagnotta bread, vegan date squares, and Nancy Amos.

The Babes are itching for home. Three books are chosen to be read. We light a candle head to bed, read and nibble on a trail mix. Once completed we blow out the light, dim the lights and rest.

If everything goes according to plan, Mama gets a couple of hours to complete chores around the house and breathe out. It is during this time that Mama prepares lunch...a vegan soup.

The littlest Babe usually awakes first and helps Mama in the kitchen. The Babe is drowsy and not wanting Mama for at least 10 minutes. The Mama gives her her space.

Once the second Babe awakes, a vegetable snack with hummus and smoothie is made.

We head outside immediately after snack and play.

We return to prepare dinner and greet the Papa shortly after. We do an activity as a family. This obviously varies but we have taken to sitting together at the table some days and working on our own crafts or readings.

Dinner is made and outside again or bath. Whichever one we decide to forgo loses.

The Babes are washed up and then once again we head to bed to read bedtime stories. Littlest Babe plays and chooses books. Eldest Babe reads with Papa. Mama reads or knits quietly.

Babes fall asleep.

Mama and Papa reconnect.

Food preparations for the next day are made (granola or muffin making).

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