Not often do you come across exceptionally multi-talented people. I am blessed to have known Jamaal for about 14 years now. In highschool, it was so evident that he was made for big things. He smashed records in athletics but sat quietly in English class penning the most beautiful poems and essays. He break danced in the halls, spinning wildly yet controlled all at the same time, but performed, eloquently, the most complicated of Shakespeare. He sat on a bus with me after a long night of basketball to make sure I got home safe. He was the first person that ever told me my eyes, my favorite personal feature, were "beautiful".

Jamaal, likewise, is beautiful. He is a preacher, educator, athlete, human, poet, husband to beautiful wife and father to four children. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is Jamaal's Urban Legends poet slam "Four Kids" - a commentary on raising his babes in a consumer culture.

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