for the lack of posts. The Papa restarted school last week, so needless to say our schedule has adjusted and free time is reduced. However, we continue to find many moments to do our family things.

We returned to the cottage for another veggie dog roast. We brought up our Christmas tree and decided to cut a piece of the truck. This piece will turn into an ornament for next year's tree (hopefully my crafting works). We kept warm by creating a fire in the cottage, a fire in the pit and by nursing Harriet in the car. Turns out that the Littlest Babe is seriously bothered by the Eldest Babe when doing so. Hence, the constant looking out of the car window as a mustard-faced sis peaked in.

Grandpa Grier celebrated his birthday with delicious food and his favorite family members. It was a great gathering of the Prices and the Griers and Charlotte and Harriet also received a gift from Andrea and Bruce: adorable animal hats. They have been receiving a lot of compliments.

The Eldest Babe is officially a skater!

As per usual, we had some fun on our bed. We played our ring stacks like kazoos and jumped like lunatics from the window sill.

Hopefully this week I will keep an eye on my camera cord. xoxox

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