The wagon ride that almost ended it all...the fun that is. Charlotte had pretty much a meltdown the entire time through town.

What a little bundle.
I spy you eating with my little eye, Charlotte.
Cupcake teether for Harriet.
Harriet playing with her vintage train set.
The Vintage train set and Dada's warm tootsies.
A Waldorf silk rhythmic stick.
Into my wagon!
Santa...next year please don't bring chocolate or at least tell Charlotte to wait until after 7 am to eat it.
The Vintage Train set
Rudolph had a few bites of his carrot
Santa loved El's double chocolate chip cookie recipe.
Santa had time to type the girls a letter.
Silly Rudolph leaving tracks in the house for me to clean up.
My gift to Allen.
Opening Stockings first.

Good morning Harriet!

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