My love,

Today I had so many plans for you that couldn't come to fruition due to the fact that I contracted a little contagious skin bacteria. I had planned for a woodland themed birthday and had sent out handmade invitations to our closest friends and family. I looked up a recipe for vegan beet cupcakes that had tasted amazing during the test run. Streamers were to be set up, games to be played, hickory sticks to double as a snack and miniature gnome twigs, while samosas would be wasp nests and falafel balls gnome droppings. The plan was a bit lofty but I thought you would like it.

Instead, I ended up having to cancel the party for fear of transmitting something horrible to others and spent part of the afternoon running to the hospital, getting into Emergency and getting a prescription filled. Needless to say I am disappointed and although a huge gathering did not happen and you had to suffice for some neon coloured chocolate cupcakes and rice cereal for a birthday dinner and me singing "Happy Birthday" about 20 times throughout the day, Daddy and I promise to make this weekend your birthday weekend and some other time a true celebration.

I reflect back on this past year with you and am amazed at how amazing you truly are. With you, my heart became bigger for all those I love and especially your sis because I see how much she loves and cherishes you. Today she made an extra special effort to be nice, considering it was your birthday.

For this day I have compiled a book for you which I hope you will treasure always. It chronicles your first year and my love for you and oh how I love you! So my girl...I hope you had an okay day considering the events that took place.

(I secretly think you did because you were super excited all day and you started to grow into your one year old self by not being afraid when Daddy flew you in the air and crawling around in the bath tub to stand on your knees near the faucet - both FIRSTS!!)

xoxox Mama

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