This is a sculpture garden in Outremont.

This is my favourite block on a street called Lusignan. The person who lives here just put boxes and pots right out on the sidewalk. It's probably a nuisance for the snowplow and it's surely against the rules, but they just did it and look, it's beautiful. It's a small thing but I admire that.

Hi girls,

Today was another painfully quiet one. The kind that takes away all feelings of being highspeed or hardcore, even for a messenger at the height of his or her career. When I felt like I wanted to do this forever, days like today were so discouraging and worrying. Today I just sat and did a crossword, snoozed on my lunch in Dorchester Square, and generally just let the time slip by. I considered calling in and saying "I'm just going to head home and call it a career." But I didn't ride my Bertrand today after all, and you can't have a five-day countdown that stops at three and a half. I guess I just want to see it through at this stage, however redundant I feel on the road this week. They already hired some picture-perfect East-Coast style hipster to replace me. All in all, it was a numbing work day, but we had a really lovely evening reading, meeting Hannah at the park for some trike laps around the fountain, and then having our first-ever family of four supper together. So me and today don't have any hard feelings.

24 (work) hours to go.

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