More touristy downtown, less dingy messenger escape.
The Queen Elizabeth Hotel is where John Lennon and Yoko Ono had their famous bed-in. You'd have to look that up, but it was for peace.
In that middle pane you can see the reflection of my bike leaned against the building that I'm in.

Hi girls,

Another ho-hum day. Telling myself, "I can sleep for another ten minutes before I go to Westmount" is a sure sign that my messenger wings have lost their feathers. Justin called at three o'clock to see if I'd like to drop the two I was sitting on and stand by at home, so I was mercifully benched. A guy named Kevin came to look at our apartment this afternoon, and he liked it. He came back a bit later to write up the papers and brought his dog Morty. Alley and Charlotte and I took Kevin and Morty to see their new park. Kevin said he was really glad to have found a nice place to move into, since he had the heartache and needed something good to happen this week. He agreed with me that for his condition it was a lot more encouraging than moving into a basement bachelor apartment and listening to the furnace. He talked about the girl a bit and she's in med school and won't make a dime for like nine years. So who knows maybe he dodged a bullet. Getting our place rented is another load off, and it feels great that we're pulling off our hasty plan. This flurry of change is kind of exciting, especially as the stress starts to ease a bit. We can thank Mom for that, cause she really takes care of all that officey stuff.

Two more days, but I'm not holding myself to it.

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