My Cousin Jon's Wedding to the Beautiful Rachel

Reminding us whose wedding we are at

Cute little silhouette, albeit
Favour Containers

Table No. 17 - OURS

Cousin Anthony
The Happy Couple
Amazing and Emotional
The Bride Rachel and love of Jon's life
My Aunt Debbie and Uncle Bruce who have been married for 31 years!

Me and the Harriet Unit
The Newest Addition to the Family - Elina!

I remember fondly my childhood with my cousin Jon. Four of us are close in age: Greg, me (separated by a year), Jon (a year separated from me) and Ash (a year separated from Jon). We lived in the same neighbourhoods, had the same babysitters and went to the same highschool. Charlotte, Harriet, Anthony and Elina have a similar thing going on.

It was such a great day. My cousin exchanged vows with Rachel at Tabaret Hall, my old Ottawa U stomping grounds. It was absolutely amazing. She looked beautiful. I swear each song chosen to walk down the aisle was played with the intention of making me cry. My side of the family is very emotional and tears were streaming everywhere.

After the ceremony, we all left to dine at Capone's Catering. The hall was amazingly decorated. There were personal touches everywhere: miniature sweet silhouettes of the couple, the continuity of the blue and white theme, candy jars at each table for us to fill and mingle. It was such an amazing time and so nice to see my cousin find love. Welcome to the family Rachel and your beautiful daughter!

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