Birthday Gifts

A used version of Paperbag Princess
A used version of Dr.Seuss
Garden tools from the G-Units to help Dada in his garden.

Purse. We were so set on never getting her one but for some reason she likes bags. It was either this or a Loblaws plastic baggy. We wanted to make her look at least one step above homeless bag lady.
Instruments rock!
Crayons from Mom and Daddy!

A puzzle from John D., El, and Eabha


All though gifts are never necessary, they are always appreciated.
Thanks to all the people who were so generous to get Charlotte something.
They are all amazing!

Tonya, Dusan and Zari made a lovely gnomee. It is so special because Zari has one that he received for his birthday.
Grams and Gramps got Charlotte an amazing set of garden tools, an eco-friendly baby doll and a cool fleece get up which is going to be awesome when fall comes around.
John D., El and Eabha surprised Charlotte with a puzzle, crayons and Melissa and Doug picture paper which I can't wait to use.
As for the parental units, we got a little purse, xylophone, farm animals, used books, drum instrument, crayons and paper!

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