If I wrote a children's book...it would have been this

Waiting for their children to let them into their lives. In due time!
This photo is actually on its side but it acknowledges breastfeeding and the relationship it builds between mother and child. I also admire the illustrator's decision on how to draw the breasts. They have to be lifted to feed the babe.
...when the prince is excluded he feels that the princess is totally absorbed in the baby. The passage and illustration acknowledge what is often overlooked, the father's desire to have a deep connection with his partner and baby as well.
On a dit...
let's put great things on our babies bums.

Stinky poos but...
This photo highlights co-sleeping. Notice the shape of their bodies (a heart and the veins on the comforter). The parents are also extremely happy although exhausted and tending to a crying child.
This particular page highlights how often a mother does not feel the same in her own skin when pregnant. She is still beautiful and loving but the book acknowledges that difficult reality that changes may bring.

The father creating a nest for his wife and little one to be.
The book acknowledges the making of the child and how beautiful it is for the parents.
Baby cake decoration.
The happy couple first meets. The cake is halved to represent equality and possibly the tiers make reference to the tiers of their lives together.

Each week Charlotte and Harriet venture to the library. Charlotte is extremely excited each time we go, and I am as well. It is an opportunity to explore that which I love and change up the books in our collection. While browsing through the shelves, I came upon this gem. I wish that I came up with the concept myself. It is a french book of illustrations depicting of the relationship between a prince and a princess and the subsequent development and relationship with their children. Although the entire book is exceptional and struck a major chord, I picked out the illustrations that were most relevant to our beliefs. Les Heureux Parents is a book that will blow your mind if you are into natural parenting.

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