Pictured above is my Maybelline eye shadow.  I honestly purchased these shadows because of their packaging, the fact that they stated they last 24 hours as tattoos and the colours are shimmery and metallic.   

Today I thought I would share my morning Eye Makeup routine.  I love to add a little pop to my eyes.  Being a tired Mama of 4 babes leaves me looking worn most days.  Adding brightness to my eyes makes me feel like I don't appear as a roaming aimlessly zombie.

I am working towards veganizing my make up, so please if you have any eye makeup suggestions.  Send them my way.  Environmentally, I do not like to part with something just to get a vegan substitute.  So these will remain in my collection until completely used or expire.

My Medusa Makeup brush and shimmery concealer was included in a Vegan Cuts Beauty Essentials Kit.  It is awesome.  Well worth purchasing the entire kit to get this baby.

This is my vegan contour brush that I use.  I purchased it through Vegan Cuts.  A while ago I purchased the Beauty Box Essentials kit.  It was amazing.  I am working towards veganizing my entire makeup go to kit.  This contour brush is amazing, applies well and is smooth on the skin.  

My cat eye look.

This is my liquid liner.  It is also a Maybelline product.  It is fine tip and makes achieving a cat eye super easy.  Also pictured is my fat pencil liner.  I use it to fill in and for blending purposes.  (It is also of the Maybelline Master line).

More of the cat eye.
My Wake Me Up Foundation.  It really wakes me up.  I apply this to my entire face to reduce the dark circles.  It works wonders.

To achieve the cat eye look I have a few simple steps.

1.  First apply concealer to all parts of the eye, blending well and applying even over the eyelid.  Allow it to set for about a minute before applying the Metallic eye shadow.

2.  Using your finger, apply to the lid gold Mettalic Maybelline eye shadow to the eye lid.  Put a little of the silver eye shadow in the corner of the eye for brightness.

3.  Using the think pencil apply along the lower lid line and from the middle of the pupil outwards towards the edge of the eye on the line of the upper lid.

4.  Using your vegan contour brush blend from the outside of the lid towards the centre the black liner and gold.

5.  Finish with a cute cat eye.  I make it so the liquid liner comes out as far as the farthest point of my brow.

6.  Dust, using the Medusa brush and shimmer over the entire face and lid to conceal the look.


This is me all dolled up!  P

Please feel free to suggest any vegan options that would work for a winter, dry and oily summer face. I am willing to try new brands and vegan is always the best option for your face.

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