The Papa has a childhood friend named Terri.  Their Mamas are also childhood friends.  So these folks have known each other in utero.  Their summers were spent together enjoying the cottage.  Time passed and although they physically drifted, we got back in touch several years ago.  It has become our tradition to go to their cottage one day a year and visit and play.  It has been exciting seeing each of us Mamas pregnant and our families grow.  It must be interesting for both the Papa and Terri to have once been little folk now seeing their babes play together.  Full circle!  Terri has also become a good friend to me.  There exists a love, understanding and connection that was instantaneous.  It is so comforting to know that she is in my life and our families are growing in parallels.  We experience a lot of the same parenting things and we talk about them without fear of judgment.  Well, over the March Break, Terri visited (that will be two visits in one year) and brought these amazing photos she took over the past two years.  I just had to share.

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