I have a deep obsession with the colour black.  It stems from simplicity and I find it exceptionally chic.  Black hair, black clothes, black chalkboard walls.  I have become a little daring in the past year and have ventured into the realm of gold.  I think it is the deepest I will venture into colour.  Sometimes you will see me wearing red plaid, or even a hint of royal blue.   I thought today I would share my favourite nail routine.

 Basically, when I have time, I clean my nails.  I find it best not to apply polish right after a bath or shower.  With a file, I file straight across.  For this particular manicure, I used whatever black I had.  I am not sure which brand because I usually rip off the label because I am obsessive compulsive and I like a clean looking bottle.  To apply the polish, put a thin coat.  One dip of the brush should do one nail.  Once dry, I apply a second thin coat.

 Pictured above is the other colour I eventually applied.  I personally didn't like the gold tips I applied so I redid everything from scratch.  But Sally Hansen is a go-to polish for us in this house.  Sally Hansen has never let me down:  cheap, good coverage, amazing colour selection.

Ta-Da!  The finished look.  Good for all types of events.  Especially covering up the fact that you have mega dirt under your nails from not showering consistently due to the caring of 4 little babes and still making you appear that you have things together.

 The Eldest Babe got in on the action.  Doing our nails is a ritual we share.  It is in those moments of choosing our colours and applying them to their little hands that we share thoughts in our minds and hearts.  I know it is mega-girly mama cliche but we love it.

 (This is the look I didn't go with.  What do you think?)  Also, I am really interested if anyone knows of any amazing vegan cosmetic brands (specifically nails).  I am looking to update my look and would love to be cruelty free.  Vegan Cuts is amazing in terms of sampling various beauty brands.  Limecrime looks awesome.  Any thoughts?

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  1. There is a brand at Foodsmiths that looks intriguing and I use one that doesn't have the five crazy chemicals that peels off instead of using acetone remover. Will find out more...


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