Several weeks ago, several event happened which prevented me from blogging in this space I oh so adore.  The Biggest Little Babe had her way with milk and our laptop.  The laptop did not survive.  This is the second bout they had, hence second computer.  We have decided to buy a screen and keyboard, rather than invest in the laptop.  For one, the portableness makes it ever so convenient to pick up and inject the mindless searching into any part of your home.  I was becoming distracted and maybe the destruction of this physical extension of me, as it was becoming, needed to happen to shake me up.  Secondly, I figure there will be less expensive accidents with two separate stationery units.

Soo... That being said, we also bought our first home!!! We are quite excited and I have been so wanting to share this experience with my followers and friends now that we can take a step back and embrace it.  Stay tuned for more to come.

On a personal note, I suffered a great loss... Of trust.  The group that I had fallen so in love with, my apothecary circle, had fallen apart during this time as well.  I choose not to rehash the happenings because they are so difficult and sickening for me to comprehend, but the overall feeling of the collapse of the circle left me losing trust on social media.  I never want to stop writing my blog.  It is such a coping mechanism and joy for me.  However, I removed myself essentially from the social network.  I now choose to live more in reality and luckily a great group of women created a safe place for me to be uplifted, gain knowledge and support.

So more is on the way.  Please be patient as I write from my iPhone.

Have a wonderful summer until my next post!!!



  1. Thanks guys! We are so excited. Can't wait to blog about it!!!


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