1000 MILES, 365 DAYS

It is amazing sometimes how the busy-ness of life knocks you down and interrupts that energy flow that all of us need.  My energy has been sapped.  All night nursing to a teething babe.  Other babes afraid of change and lashing out.  An upcoming move.  Health scares.  Sleep deprivation. Unhealthy eating.  Messy house (well that is obviously perpetual).

Two days ago, from the depths of despair and the encouragement from the voice of my former athletic self, I got a membership to the gym.  Some people prefer running outdoors.  I enjoy both.  But having a physical space that I can call my own, a space where I can focus on the task at hand, is essential for my mental health... And for me the mind and body are closely intertwined.

I am sore. I am tired.  I am unable to move certain muscles I could yesterday.  I am happy.  We budget for this bliss.  

So to encourage a dedication to holistic fitness as I call it, I am challenging myself to run 1000 miles in 365 days.  

Each run on the treadmill or outside I will post my distance ran and add it to the ongoing tally.

Please follow me on this challenge or join yourself!!!



  1. Emilie McKay5:43:00 AM

    Ah this is so great! I should do it with you. I have seriously decreased my fitness time for mental health... but now I think it's time to bring it back up. :)

  2. Lets do it!!! Btw whenever I grow my hair out I am going to need the advice of you and your mom to possibly go blond! Miss you and nice seeing you in our new town!!


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