TUTORIAL: Home Remedy for Getting Pee Out of Mattress

Having three co-sleeping Babes who at times remove their training pants after getting into our new bed, has left some stains.  We thought that the waterproof cover we purchased from IKEA would have prevented messes.  However, I guess when you dry the cover on high, it partially loses its efficiency and lets some get through.  It was really upsetting to know that, yet another mattress would be ruined, especially after our great attempts to prevent them from happening this time.

So the Papa and I scoured the internet for a cheap but totally effective solution...and we found it!  It is so simple and you probably already have all the ingredients in your home.  Plus it literally is a time saver, considering you don't have to go out and rent a carpet cleaner, like we had been doing.

Ingredients for the Best Solution Ever:

1 cup of hydrogen peroxide
3-4 tablespoons of baking soda
little drop of dish detergent
spray bottle

Simply combine all ingredients in the bottle (I used a homemade makeshift funnel to insert the baking soda) shake and spray directly onto the stains.  The solution is only effective for 20 minutes so work fast.  Let sit and watch the magic happen.  It literally disappears before your eyes.  After the solution dries there may exist some baking soda residue that can be easily brushed or vacuumed off.

Voila!  A Mama's mattress saver


The Mama

(we found the instructions for this solution on the Inspired Housewife's blog)

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