500 Days of Winter DATE NIGHT and CHOOSE MY OUTFIT!!

The Papa organized a date night tomorrow.  We will be dropping off the hesitant Babes with the G-Units (grandparents) to head to a vegan restaurant.  You cannot understand how excited I am.  Firstly, I hate secrets and love spoilers.  But the Papa kept it a secret for all of 10 minutes.  He then spoiled it in every good way.  I appreciated him setting this up and knowing that it was coming at the end of the week has really made the week go quicker.

I am secretly hoping that we will end up at IKEA.  Mostly I desire a special carpet but mostly I am hoping to fulfill my desire to re-inact a scene from 500 Days of Summer.   Although these days it seems like 500 Days of Winter.

I am also asking my followers to CHOOSE my DATE NIGHT wear.  Below are 3 choices.  The look with the most wins will be worn on my date.  Please COMMENT below.

We LEAVE For the City at 1PM so please have your votes in by tomorrow morning!


  1. I like look 3 but they are all cute.

  2. I agree with you both. Hard for me to choose. I am always prone to go towards skulls and animal print. Thanks for the input

  3. I vote for #2. Shows off your lovely curves a bit more.

  4. Anonymous11:31:00 AM


  5. Anonymous11:07:00 AM

    #2 for sure!! :)


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