Dear Littlest of Babes,

Three months ago today, you and I worked together to birth you.  Your presence in our lives, thus far, has been so amazing, full of joy and wondrous.  There is a renewed energy in our Mess.  The Eldest of Babes seems to take more responsibility in her role as big sister but has become patient with the Biggest  Little/ Littlest Big Babe.  Their relationship has blossomed because of you.  There is a shared role and an understanding between them, that "Yes, we are both responsible for shaping her".

The Biggest Little / Littlest Big Babe is ever so exuberant.  At times it is difficult for her to restrain her excitement about you.  Often there is a touch that is unexpected or a closeness that is a bit too much.  However, you blink quickly and forgive just as fast.  A smile comes over your face, that smile where your eyes light up and your tongue pokes out.  You love them both.

As for the Mama, there is a renewed energy as well.  I love all my Babes, equally and with a deepness, but it has been a journey of discovery and a frustrating one at times.  I take a huge responsibility in hopefully taking that which was given to you at birth:  EXCEPTIONALITY!  and working hard to maintain it and nurture it.  You are each such soulful, intelligent, deeply connected, sensitive, loving beings.  When your siblings and I have a shared bad day or moment, it hurts me deeply.  I want you to feel loved and understood and listened to but there are the moments when I the Mama, forget how fresh the Earth is to you and how learning to communicate is a skill which I continue to acquire.  You remind me to be better for your purity is the epitome of perfection.

You Littlest of Babes exemplify perfection.  Life and those around you are so secure and safe and trustworthy.  It is amazing to watch you just be, no apologies.  Your eyes dart when contrast appears, your arms flail in excitement, your tummy rumbles, your toes twinkle, your smile is bright, your suck on your hand when teething, you cry because you know I will answer your call.

Your milestones are many.  Laying down is an annoyance and you have taken to sitting upright with support most times of the day.  You respond to your name instantly and with just as excitement you have when looking upon your siblings.  Sponge baths are frustrating and you try to wiggle away.  Your teeth are breaking through, or so I assume, with all the drooling and inconsolable moments.  Cooing and telling stories is a hobby.  Laughing with your full body is so exciting to watch.  Lifting up your bottom for a change is so cute.

You are lovely and amazing and we look forward to more moments of PERFECTION.

xoxo The Mama


  1. Beautiful letter!
    I love this stage as well. Everything is so new. Owen laughed laqst week for the first time! I love it! I forgot how much personality they do have right from the start.
    Love to your Littlest of Babes and can't wait to met her!

  2. I love your visits to my blog Terri and to us as well! Everything is so new. So cute that he laughed. Was it a belly laugh? You must describe on your blog which I follow. I hope to have all the babes together soon


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