Dear Eldest Babe

On completing your 4th revolution around the sun....

You are magnificent and have opened my world and eyes to the blessedness and wonder of childhood.
Your sweetness and reminders of my amazingness propel me to improve and be the best Mama I can be.
Your frustration with change affects us both greatly.  I feel your fears and pain and it hurts me deeply when you worry.

It is difficult for me to understand at times the differences that exist between us but I relish in those differences as well for you are "a different girl" as you like to say.

Your unintentional humour gets me every time as well as your attention to detail.

Those that you have allowed to enter your circle, you are explicitly engaged and sweet too.  Sharing may be a bit of a difficult task but sharing yourself, stories and childhood treasures excites you.

There are moments I look into your big blues and quietly remember your baby self, but the girl that hugs me and chats with me today is a reminder of how precious and life-altering your life has been and I look forward to this next year of growth between us.   I love you deeply and promise to not judge you during all your little stages.


Your Mama

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