dear littlest BABE

Oh how you amaze! This morning, we got bundled and headed out to go and get passport photos. I undid your comfy snowsuit and I guess that means I served you up for a cry. One look at any one that isn't me and you usually burst into fearful cries. I usually assure the receiver of your attachment to me, just to be polite. You don't know many people and you have a strong trust in me, which I respect and honour.

Some people I talk to, do not understand the attachment. It is actually quite secure. You were in my body for nine months, you were slung on me like a spider monkey for the same. How could anyone expect anything less. You sleep closely to me, each night to nurse and feel safe. I am your security blanket, thumb, soother. We are great friends and our bond is strong. Your sister is just as amazing and my love for her has made loving you easy.

Most nights, if my presence is not felt, you are agitated. This has resulted in many bed time knitting and reading sessions. Of course I look forward to a night when you will sleep through, I sleep soundly. But I also fear the time when I possibly won't be needed. It will come. You will develop strong bonds with others, trusting them as you do I. My touch will be comforting, but you will have the strength, intelligence and support system that will be comforting in and of itself. The bond between your sister and you will grow and strengthen. Secrets will be shared.
You will come to me for wisdom lacking judgment, but will come to me nonetheless out of need rather than necessity.

For now, I embrace all that you require of me and ask nothing from you, but growth and continued trust.



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