Art and Class FUN

Each and every Wednesday, we girls head over to Art and Class to do a little project. The teacher Claire, an art history major, is amazing and the owner Marguerite always has a smile and great conversation. The Biggest Babe has attended about 8 classes and each time. At first she was hesitant to explore her creative side. She would sit patiently and let Claire assist (more or less do the project) and then wait for all her "friends" to leave so she could have girl time chats with Claire and Marguerite. These chats have really helped her open up and trust. She has now begun to participate and complete her own works of art. I couldn't be more proud and The Babe as well.

As for Harriet...she is still really attached to Mama and cries at the drop of a hat when someone tries to look at her...but she loves roaming around the studio.

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