Thanksgiving Weekend...so much to be Thankful for

We plucked a strawberry from the fields

A Walk in Windsor Park
Mommy and Daddy kiss
Thanksgiving weekend was a busy one. We spent the day perusing an antique market and then looking at an apartment for rent in Downtown in an 19th century three storey unit. The particular unit we were interested in had a huge balcony that overlooked downtown...the perfect spot for rooftop gardenng. Saturday getting ready for an evening with friends. We met the most lovely couple at Prenatal class named Will and Erin. They welcomed their beautiful son Emil not soon after Charlotte came. Well, they were kind enough to invite us over to dinner and we could not decline. They are such lovely and interesting people and we connect with them on so many levels.

Although they took care of the majority of the feast preparations, Allen and I made a pumpkin pie and vegan quiche...two of our specialties. The babies got to meet each other - well kind of when they were not breastfeeding or sleeping - and we got to dine in their backyard that was lit by the yellow leaves of a sugar maple bush. There was warmed cranberries, vegan stuffing, candied yams, asparagus, Raspberry sparkly, chocolate pumpkins, squash soup, and the warmth of friends. It was great.

Our Sunday was a busy as well. We spent all morning in the kitchen. I baked a chocolate brownie cake, stuffed squash with vegan dressing and a tofu frosting, while Allen worked on a pumpkin pie masterpiece and delicious chive potatoes. By the time noon rolled around, we hadn't been outside. Itching to breathe fresh air we headed out into amazing weather. Windsor Park (the photos above) was majestic. Finally, we headed to the ISLAND (a family cottage in the 1000 islands) for a Grier family traditional get together. Charlotte not only got to meet her family but went on her first boat ride.

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