Dearest Babe,

Three.  Three?  Three!  We have arrived at this amazing place.  It is a land where language is bursting, laughs are a plenty, independence is emerging, dancing is abundant, smiles plaster our faces.  There are pretend palaces, mama milking mimickery, spins in satin gowns, raids of mama's closet, races around corners to be scared, sugary lemon concoctions, overly lip glossed lips, bouncy baths, chocolate chip sneaks.

It is a wonderful world.  And you share it with me, mostly.  You see, this magical place has rules now.  Rules that are managed by those that are only three.

1. Mamas are not allowed to help.
2. Kisses and hugging is only to be deemed allowable if requested by said Three year old.
3. Jumping on the Mama at any time is allowable.
4.  Listening is by choice.
5.  The Papa becomes the thing immediately upon arrival.
6.  Size does not represent power.  Quite the opposite.
7.  Bedtime is negotiable.
8.  Dancing at dinner mandatory.
9.  Clothes at dinner optional.
10.  All above may change at any moment when said Three Year old decides it is okay.

Navigating the World of Three has been a challenge.  There are no maps.  My guide, shall I say, has her own itinerary.  But it is a world that I navigate daily because I love you and my responses shape you and our relationship.

You have grown into this amazing, silly girl.  There is never a dull moment.  I look into those big blues and just see an ocean of ideas, love, mischief and happiness.  It is the best.  Please keep being this amazing you.  The one that asks me to chase her for a scare. The one that gives kisses with her eyes open.  The one that dances like she means it.  The one that tilts her head and pushes out her hip for emphasis.  The one that tells me she loves me and "all you guys".

To being Three!

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