Two weeks ago, a babe turned one.  I have been so absent from this little space.  So I thought I would share.  My dear Ivy Adeline Jolliet.  You have graced my life with more beauty and love than I thought could ever be possible.  Each time you have a babe, you see, you wonder whether or not your heart could grow to accommodate space for new love.  You wonder whether the blood inside your tired mama body could circulate the love through your veins.  You wonder if with each beat you could feel that love and let it reside and remind.

Well, let me tell you.  It does.  Through a force of magic and the divine, my love for each of my babe's grew resoundingly full and equal.  I love you dear babe.  Your presence in our lives...oh it is sweet.  It is brave.  It is challenging.  It is blessed.  It is a blessing.

Thank you for a magical revolution around the sun.  Thank you for long gazes.  Thank you for late, milky nights.  Thank you for extending my mind to challenge and better my soul.  Thank you, dear Babe.


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