I decided to start a series called Let Them Play.  In a world dominated by pressure to succeed, we must remember that imagination and free play is the best way to have our children remain children.  It encourages positivity, moving our bodies and exercising our minds.  Our days are spent playing.  It is through play that we learn the most, try on our personalities, and explore.

This post is dedicated to jumping on the bed.  So many times we tell our children to get off the couch and just go jump on Mama and Papa's bed.  I think for them, the idea that they can do something that would otherwise be discouraged is empowering.

In our home, our room is shared.  We have always bedshared with our babes.  Although the two eldest have their own beds, the littlest babes sleep with the Papa and me.  It definitely meant an upgrade to a King!  Our open door policy, I hope, also encourages them to feel safe in our space and safe to speak freely and be themselves.  It is in our room where their innermost thoughts come out.  Issues that seem to be bugging them surface.  Stories are told.  Love is shared.  Cuddling and tickle fights are a daily ritual.

It is on this bed where they are allowed to be their monkey selves.  So much laughter emanates from the simple joy of jumping.  It even gets me and the Papa involved.  I've done my share of handstands and flips.  The babes can't get enough.  Seeing ones parents let loose and do the unthinkable for grown-ups is pleasing.

Vye, our littlest babe, is a hopping genius.  She has been tumbling she she was less than 18 months old with such precision and coordination that it is astounding.

It is on this bed that little dreams are made.  They imagine themselves as performers and ballerinas.  Shows are put on.  Smiles plaster their little faces.  Memories are made.  So...let them play.

What fun and unconventional things to you do with your babes?  We love to hear.  Please comment below.  I respond to each and every comment.  


  1. I love this! We have the same bedroom arrangement with you, and we also have been spending a lot of time these days jumping on the bed. My oldest has perfected his somersaults there, and we play "boom" a lot (which involves getting tossed onto the bed!).

    Your comments really hit home with me. I'm currently devouring Peter Gray's "Free to Learn", and you've echoed beautifully a lot of what he has to say. Looking forward to seeing more in this series!

    1. that should read: the same bedroom arrangement AS you!

    2. Thanks for commenting Tara. I love that you follow our little happenings. I'm just trying to infuse love, playfulness and reality of parenting into the Internet world. I mean who doesn't love jumping on the bed


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