Our dear Ivy was born almost 4 weeks ago.  We are completely enamoured with this babe.  From the moment she came home to meet her three older sisters, it was obvious that she was loved and would be adored and protected.  She has not been the easiest.  If she senses any slight discomfort or that I am no longer present, she instantly breaks into a blood curdling crying fit that would leave any onlooker to believe I've been neglecting her for hours.  Oh, and she loves the early morning hours between two and five o'clock to resist settling.  Those are her best times to be up.  A real owl...an exceptionally cute one.   

The babes are not bothered by any of this.  At any sign of her being awake, including those inconsolable cries, the babes rush to her side.  They love looking into her eyes and act as though it is their most important duty to calm her.  For them, each moment that her eyes are open presents an opportunity for holding.  They incessantly, with patience and without annoyance or anger, ask for time to hold her.  It is quite amazing to see them hold her just as a Mama would, their Mama.  It gives me a lot of comfort and joy to see them treat her with gentle hands and hearts.  I like to think they are mimicking that which they know.

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