My poor little Babe.  This was to be the first day she would be away from her sisters and her Mama.  For six years I have homeschooled the babe but with a difficult pregnancy and a summer of her showing a desire for something different from me, we made the decision to put her in school.  This isn't any school.  It is a two floor schoolhouse in the country.  The children are taught together in one class from grades 1 to 8.  The teacher is wonderful.  The school is a community.  The parents are wonderful.  Not to say that other schools don't have this.  But for us, the three day school week was key.  It allows us to continue to spend time with our little babe.  She can feel comfortable in a small class with elder students that serve as leaders.  Her days are spent in nature.  Each child is supported and treated as an individual with unique interests and capabilities.  It is a warm cozy place for learning.

My Babe is very like me in so many ways.  She had been building the transition up in her head for a while.  We didn't want to surprise her.  So we thought it was best to concentrate on the positive aspects.  There was an orientation at the school and a cleaning day.  This proved beneficial.  She was able to play with classmates before entering the class.

But on that first day, she most definitely shed tears.  Me?  Not so much.  Okay, maybe a little when I read to her the card I made for her.  I'm quite confident that this was a great decision and although I will miss her, we have to do difficult things as parents and I've fully accepted that.  Our time away from each other is short but it is so great for our family unit and as individuals to explore things that are good for our soul.

It has been an adjustment.  The days are quieter.  Harriet finds herself yearning for her sister.  She is a little lonely.  Her best friend for her entire life is off exploring new things.  But now the time that she never had with me is more present.  She holds my hand more readily and asks shares more with me.  It is something I had been missing for three years.

Needless to say, after a two hour sit-in with Charbaloot on her first day, the Papa and I picked up an overjoyed Babe.  "Awesome" graced her lips numerous times.  Her face lit up.

NOTE:  Charlotte is at an age where she is definitely more aware and knows of the blog.  Any photos of her I post or any content that relates to her, I fully ask if she wants me to post them.  I would never want her to feel embarrassed or feel like I am sharing personal events that are unique to her and she would like to keep private.  I honour her as a person and respect her wishes.  She approved all photos for this post.


  1. What a beautiful family!! Hope Charlotte enjoyed school!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Rhea! She had an absolutely amazing time. It is so great for our family and I still get to homeschool as well.

  2. That school sounds dreamy! So glad your babe loved it.

  3. I love the honesty of this post :) xoxo


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