Equality in a Marriage

I am not a lucky woman to have an amazing husband who supports me in every way.  I have always expected that.  I would never settle for less and wouldn't want to be with someone who expected little of me.  If I am going to share this life with someone, they were to accept the fact that I am a person who makes choices, needs support, love, nurturing and equality.  It makes me terribly upset to hear women and men tearing their partner apart, usually with reference to certain sex stereotypes that reinforce the idea that men are lazy, stupid, unappreciative and that their women have no reason to complain about their treatment because, after all, they are bringing home the vegan bacon.

I write this letter to my husband and ask those who have positive comments about their partners to post them below or somewhere.  My life is about choice not excuses.

To my husband,

You are my best friend and partner in this life. You respect my choices and expect me to make them. You never allow me anything but afford me the opportunity. Your happiness is a direct result of my happiness. We share equally and teach our children to do the same. When I am sick, you nurture, protect and help heal me. You encourage me to pursue that which makes me happy and to constantly nurture my desire to enhance my self. You value my intelligence and opinion and are willing to communicate, although our styles may differ at times.

And although we have taken on traditional roles, as some might think, we aid in the taking care of our home, selves and children. We found each other but we choose to be with each other and continually support each other. I appreciate you and never take you for granted. 

Love your wife

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