Poor Little Pink Eye...boo!

Our weekend had so many pleasantries. The Santa Claus parade was on. The Littlest Babe actually fell asleep, so The Papa and The Eldest Babe headed off. But as with most things (mostly messenger events), it started late and the Littlest Babe woke up in time for me to get her dress, haul her into the cold and watch for a bit before her eyes filled with tears and the lights were too stimulating.

The next day we headed to Carleton Place. The purpose was educational (The Papa was finishing a project for Architecture Class) but there was time for a break and the picking up of a tree at Charlie Brown's Tree Farm (yes that is the name!). The afternoon was spent decorating our 11 footer, drinking hot cocoa and eating pumpkin bread...oh yeah! And dealing with our pink eye.

OH YEAH!! The Littlest Babe did the cutest thing ever! This was literally her first encounter with snow falling and as soon as she was exposed she decided independently to stick out her tongue and let it fall. The cutest thing ever, seriously!

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