And then there were 4 Griers...

This weekend was amazing!!! For over a year we had known that we would be getting married, but it hadn't always been a definite. I was always wanting to be a Grier, and share the same name with a family that loves me and children whom I created. Allen wasn't necessarily sitting on the fence, he just held the belief that because he knew that we were going to be together forever, why do we need to walk down the aisle. It wasn't until his sister got married last year that ideas in his head started to change. He saw how amazing and happy El and John were and I think he wanted to embrace and share that happiness. So before El got married we decided, me pregnant to "take the plunge" so they say. Who are "they", you may ask? Well, I don't know. But I dove in a long time ago into this relationship. But together we swim, not sink.

I have been with Allen for over 5 years and in that time we have grown literally and figuratively. Allen went from he and Alley to loving me to making babies. We love each other, share with each other. We are each other's best friends. We don't complete each other but feel complete love when with each other.

Our wedding has been in the works for a while now. There were the moments (many I must admit) where I bombarded him with my wedding visions. I would spend hours surfing the web on wedding blogs and Etsy, determined to, dare I say, CRAFT, the perfect day. After a few months of lacking articulation and oozing confusion, we agreed that I had to pull back.

But after planning the majority of the wedding from afar, in Montreal and Perth, it came together this past weekend. On Friday we arrived in town to unload and organize, on Saturday we had baked and decorated 148 cupcakes (with the help of Alyssa, El, Manda Panda - who also contributed a really cool pump, icing and vegan marshmallows, Tonya - who baked the most delectable and perfect of the bunch, and Allen - who did most of the icing).

Sunday wasn't the crazy whirlwind I had imagined but a coming together of all the right people to make the right moment. I MUST SAY I AM BLISSED OUT!!! We were surrounded by love and with love we enter this new chapter of our lives. I love you all!!!

There will be photos up in a matter of time. Our photographers need to process and edit.

A link to our officiant's blog post about the ceremony is here
A link to the wedding cake design from Auntie Loo's is here


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