Dear Charlotte

The past week my love has been amazing like so many others. We are so blessed to have so many amazing people in our lives. Firstly, we must welcome the new baby Elina to the family. Your third cousin (Anthony and Eabha are your others). We have yet to meet her, but I hear she is beautiful - no doubt. So congratulations Roderoses! We wish you the best Aunt Ashley too! Take much care of yourself as well.

On Tuesday, we had the pleasure of seeing Grandma and Grandpa. They visited you, took you to a toy store and got you a miniature Asha and ultra cool ball. They also made us a delicious dinner and gave me and Daddy a much needed evening off to explore Montreal, which was simply marvellous. The next day they enjoyed the sites themselves and headed home. We will see them soon however.

We also had the pleasure, as most weeks, of hanging with Hayley and Hannah. We met during a rainy Nuit Blanche and had smoothies and tea in a gelato place. We were also invited back to their home where Hayley served more deliciousness and you played more with Hannah.

You are amazing and out of the blue, gave me the warmest hug ever. You wrapped your arms around my neck, rocked me back and forth and kissed me, all the while saying "i love you".

I love you too!



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