Dear Harriet

My lovely 2 month old daughter. Where to begin? So much has happened in the past two months since your birth. The major event: THE MOVE TO MONTREAL. We have been wanting this for such a long time. Daddy has been wanting a change of location and I have been itching for the same. Ottawa will always hold a place close to our heart, as it is where our relationship began and our family expanded, but we must try this. It is our hope that our lives will be colourful. We want your childhood to be filled with a rainbow of experiences.

So about Montreal: We live in a loft on a main street in Le Plateau called rue d'iberville. We are on the fringe of this artsy neighbourhood which means the benefits of the plateau minus the cost. Our loft is still in the process of becoming sorted but we do call it home and I am very comfortable in it. I feel so much happier in this place than on Hawthorne. The light streams in daily regardless of the weather. Your sister runs amuck and is so happy. You are so intrigued and intriguing.

You are only two months old so you are still immobile, but things have been happening to you and by you.

1. This past week you began to truly smile. I tickled your growing belly and you smiled purposely back at me. When you hear your father's voice you are instantly drawn to it and gaze intently into his eyes (which I must say you have). Charlotte, your crazy and adoring sister, also grabs your attention. You love smiling at her and she at you. I think you are going to be great friends.

2. You had a little giggle. It was so cute.

3. Last week you had your first big Alley kiss...right over your face.

4. You are a sling girl. You seriously could spend all day in there. But as soon as I take you out, you cry. I guess you just like being close to me.

5. The one thing that really makes me sad is that you are very gasy. Your poor tummy hurts so much when you need to poo and I partly believe it is my fault because of my diet. I have really been trying though to reduce the soy, gaseous foods, and caffeine. Caffeine has been the hardest for me because I think it is a staple.

6. Each Wednesday I try and take us to the community centre near La Fontaine Park. It is really great. It has a library, pool, play structure, work out area and un salles des jeunes. We mainly hang in the library. Well last week, both you and Charlotte had a massive poo...AT THE SAME TIME! So for the first time ever I had to change both your diapers at the same time. What an ordeal. After I started I realized that I had to put one down to change the other, but I couldn't put you on the floor. So I changed you first, tied you into the change table and then put Charlotte and the floor right outside a stall some woman was going pee in. Finally finished and then Charlotte just wanted to run around and pull every book off the shelf. Kind of fun and funny!

7. The messengers visited. It was awesome! We mainly hung with Marlene who is such an amazing woman. She kept us company the whole time and was so great to talk to. The highlight was when you and Angelo took a picture wearing essentially the same thing.

8. The G-Units and Aunty El and John visited. Although it was short it was so worthwhile. We had lunch together and then went for a walk down Mont-Royal.

Last thing...today your sister decided to take you for a crazy bounce in the bouncy chair and you actually enjoyed it this time.

Love Mommy

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