What I love about the MTL....

A new city is full of opportunity. Allen and I had never left Ottawa, never spread our wings from the familiarity. Now we are here and there is so much to do. I was a bit nervous with the transition, mainly with finding things for me and the girls to do. But after a week or so of exploring the neighbourhood, I have found some things that will make our stay awesome:

1. The HUGE Grocery Store:

I LOVE GROCERY SHOPPING! I love to comparison shop and find the best foods for my family. I will literally go down aisles for two hours if given the chance to find the cheapest and best foods. Well our local grocery store (the LOBLAWS) is great!!! It is also an old train yard which adds to the mystique of the place. Oh yeah! Did you know that you can buy beer at the Grocery store in Quebec? So today I went for a jog to put little Charlotte asleep and picked up a 4 pack of Guiness. For those of you who know me this is quite funny because I rarely drink and I have never bought beer in my life until tonight.

2. MONT-ROYAL street

This is two streets away from our house and has everything I could ever need. There is a great toy store that trumps Tiggle Winkles but is similar - but cheaper! Coffee Shops, greasy spoon diners, fruit stands, clothing shops, dance studios, cheap video stores, grocery stores, bakeries, and did I mention Coffee shops! I want to take everyone here when they come. So invitation is now out there!


I discovered talking to a mommy in the park (Catherine and her daughter Ava-June) that the Plateau is a very french neighbourhood. But I have yet to let that discourage me because I love it here. I love the proximity to many things. The park is just behind our house. The atmosphere is artsy and the eclectic homes laden with iron staircases are many. I absolutely adore it.


We have started a tradition of buying fresh bread on the weekends. We get it at a place called Le Fromentier. Most breads are vegan, except two. My special fave is "Le Gros Albert". Goes great with a thick layer of vegan buttery spread

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