Dear Santa

And this year, the letter reads:

Dear Santa:

As usual, I cannot write yet. Although I am developing well (getting new teeth, eating solid foods, walking, learning words), I still am only 16 months old and unable to write. So Mommy is going to transcribe my Christmas wishes & list.
Mommy and Daddy say that I will have a new baby sister after the holidays. I am so excited to teach her things and play. I will show her all my fun toys and share my outfits with her. Please make sure little Harriet is healthy and a good baby to Mommy and Daddy, just like I was.
We will be moving to Montreal in the New Year. I am looking forward to it but I will miss my family and friends very much. Please keep them safe when we are not in Ottawa. I love them so much!

Now...down to business: my Christmas Wish List.

I do have a lot of books and toys and am really blessed.
On my reading list: anything Caillou, with alphabets or French

I would love an IKEA kitchen set with wooden food or dishes to play with and a little wooden table and chair where Mommy and Daddy can put my snacks and I can craft.
We will make sure to put out carrots for the reindeer, cookies for you and soy milk and tea.
Keep safe and make a lot of children's wishes come true.

Love Charlotte Harlow Laine

P.S. I love zombies, cats and dancing

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