Zombie Walk - YUMMY BRAINS!!!!

Pregnant Zombie!!

Eabha, little Zombie
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Dead or Living Dead?

On October 26th, 2009, we took to the Ottawa streets to participate in our first ever Zombie Walk. We went to Grandma and Grandpa's house to get some makeup and spent over two hours applying the zombification to our faces. I even shaved two spots on Daddy's head where you apparently bit him/attacked him from your sling as you were the first to be infected. The walk began at Beechwood Cemetery entrance. When we arrived there were crowds of bride, ballerina, waitresses, prom queens, and other zombie folk already waiting to invade. We fit right in with the make-up we applied but some people went all out!! There was lots of fake blood, were turkey skewers through faces, holes in heads, and ripped clothes. It was very impressive. After dabbing a bit of corn syrup on your face, we headed down Beechwood, moaning and groaning, walking slowly. Apparently there were at least 750 people who participated. Three of those were John, El and Eabha. They had a blast!!! At King Edward we had to retreat back to the Cemetery as you were getting tired and we had forgotten your lunch (not Brains but baby food).

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