Happy 1st Birthday Bumblebee!!!!

Dear Charlotte,

A year has passed since I gave birth to you.  It is hard for me to think about that day and the 364 to follow without getting emotional.  When I first lay eyes on you, I was astonished.  You were so tiny and perfect and your daddy and I had created you from love and now that is what you were giving us:  LOVE.  We have watched you grow from a tiny, helpless creature with a blank stare and one that only smiled when passing gas, to an engaged, active and vibrant one year old whose eyes are so emotional and whose smile means so much.  

It has been a year of firsts:  first smile, first laugh, first food, first teeth, first sit-up, first crawl, first experiences.  You have travelled throughout our great city known as Ottawa to visit friends and family, but have also been to Montreal, Toronto and half way around the world to the Netherlands.  Your little life has just begun and so much more awaits you.

As I noted to you in the book I made for your birthday, my wishes for you are simple:

Experience without Regret

I hope to share many more firsts with you and as you grow remember that no matter what you do, follow your heart and know that we will always love you and be proud of you.

Happy 1st Birthday!

XOXOXO Mommy  

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  1. Crystal... I just cried reading this letter to your gal... such little angels!


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