Charlotte's New Playpen (?)

So the exersaucer is a bit too small for her right now as her legs are really long. But she does love to still sit in it, play with the various toggles, buttons, and spinny balls and yell at me from across the room.  One day, I could not find a place to put her in the kitchen.  She usually stays in a bouncy chair, but that is out the door soon as it no longer bounces.  Charlotte is a heavy one and it pretty much drags on the floor.  So as I was putting in a load of laundry, I kind of threw her in the basket. AND IT WORKED! 

 The brown one is the medium version.  We do have a larger white version.  Both retail for approximately $5.99 or less.  GET YOURS TODAY!

NOTE: Grandma and Grandpa G brought over a playpen that they had got for the little one.  She uses that now. 

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