Charlotte's Reading List

Charlotte is quite a busy baby, but Mommy and Daddy have resolved to read to her everyday.  
So far her reading list includes:

Charlotte's Web                         by E.B. White 
Raz MaTaz                                  by Stephen Cosgrove
Just me and my Dad                 by Mercer Mayer
The Tale of Mrs. Tittlemous    by Beatrix Potter
Just me and my Mom               by Mercer Mayer
Clifford the Small Red Puppy  by Norman Bridwell
Mousekin's Birth                        by Edna Miller
Swimmy                                      by Leo Lionni
Goodnight, Goodnight              by Eve Rice

Charlotte has also become very fond of a material book with 6 pages.  It is in the shape of a turtle and she has read it about 10 times with Grandma Grier.

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